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What were Stendhal or Goethe looking for in Sicily? Culture, beauty, pleasure and emotion.

Today, the Hyblean territory attracts more tourists. Very ease to understand why! Visiting this part of Sicily excite feelings and curiosity.

Ragusa, thanks to its astonishing architecture, enchants everyone who comes visit it. Land of fantasy and excellence, with a natural taste for color and light, Ragusa improve its beauty and its extraordinary welcome ability.

Today is the higher proof of the Sicilian baroque; that’s why most monuments are part of UNESCO World Heritage.

Contrary at the rest of Italy, where tourism is decreasing, the Hyblean area is one of the most hanker destination in the world.

Ragusa, where past and present looks carefully adjacent, isn’t the usual stereotype; in this wonderful town, history becomes a poetic experience for everyone, allowing visitors to perfectly blend with local citizens. Among old hamlets, historic and spiritual sites, olives and carobs trees, cornfields, golden beaches, excellent wines, tasty Mediterranean food and charming hotels, it’s easy to lose yourself in art, in wild nature and history.

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