Sicilian Style

Despite recession, tourists still come exploring this part of the island where sun and mild weather are available all the year round, and welcome and hospitality are linked with the respect for nature and touristic vocation of territory.

Ragusa is the most natural soul of Sicily, the perfect balance between land and sea where is still possible to under a spell of prestigious architectural sites, perfectly integrate with naturalist beauty.

Among the main tourist attractions, three sites, of late Baroque style, are part of the Unesco World Heritage: Ragusa, Modica and Scicli, which preserve the charm and the authenticity of a mysterious and beautiful land.

No less striking are others wonderful adjacent villages that are part of a historical heritage full of wealthy artistic, such us museums and tons of churches, theatres, buildings and gardens. Ragusa is seat of interesting events and cultural and religious exhibitions.

Ragusa is a wild and secret land thanks to the “Tavolati Iblei”, pits and canyons full of native vegetation, like “Grotte dei Giganti e dei Rovi” and “Cava d’Ispica” that represents an unmatched fact in the island.

It’s the right place to promenades and picnic while discovering Mediterranean scrub, from wilds orchids to aromatics herbs (main ingredients of the local dishes).

In particular, the Irminio River, cut through Monte Lauro, Santa Rosalia’s dyke, the old station of Ibla and reach its mouth between Marina di Ragusa and Playa Grande.

If you pass through these sites, don’t forget to: go on wine cellars tours, visit an oil mill, eat an ice-cream or a granita (water ice) over-looking the Saint’s George Dome, make a promenade at sunrise in one of our amazing sandy beaches, look a breath-taking sunset from the seafront next to the touristic harbour of Marina di Ragusa or from the wild reserve of Randello, taste traditional food such us the hot ricotta, in the old farm shade and…come back visit us!

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